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Countries: 56 Total capacity: 98,436MW

(1) By fuel type

By fuel type
Steam turbine Conventional Steam Turbine 43,300MW
Hydraulic Hydropower Turbine 26,805MW
Combined-cycle gas turbine Combined-Cycle 18,557MW
Gas turbine Simple Cycle Gas Turbine 11,340MW
Recyclable (geothermal, wind) Renewable (Geo & Wind) 2,062MW
Cogeneration Co-Generation 1,031MW
  Total   103,095MW

Our primary source of fuel today is thermal generation through the use of steam turbines. We intend to more actively pursue combined-cycle gas turbine and renewable power generation, which are environmentally friendly.

(2) By Area

By Area
Southeast Asia East/South East Asia 43,312MW
South and Central America; Latin America South West Asia 18,413MW
Southwest Asia Latin America 17,604MW
North America North America 8,357MW
the Middle East Middle East 6,462MW
Africa Africa 4,618MW
Oceania	Oceania 2,114MW
Europe, Rossia Europe, Russia 744MW
  Total   103,095MW

While in recent years we have increasingly received project orders from Asia, we will continue to expand our EPC business globally.

(3) Transition of total power capacity contracted

Transition of total power capacity contracted

We have delivered power plants to a broad range of countries and regions since the 1960s. We aim at winning more projects, capitalizing on our strengths and experience.