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Overseas & Domestic Projects

Mae Moh Lignite-Fired Power Plant

Project name Mae Moh Lignite-Fired Power Plant
Region Lampang Province, Thailand
Customer Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
Contract price Approx. JPY 120 billion

This full turnkey project order has been jointly received from EGAT by Marubeni and ALSTOM, a major French heavy machinery manufacturer.
The project is for the new construction of a power plant that will replace the existing Units 4 – 7 of the Mae Moh Lignite-Fired Power Plant that were previously delivered by Marubeni. This unit will produce electricity from lignite mined from a neighboring coal mine. ALSTOM will supply the main equipment while Marubeni will procure the auxiliary equipment and undertake the civil and installation work. It is planned that an eco-friendly power plant will be built through the use of ultra-supercritical technology.  Our advanced technology that makes it possible to overcome the difficulty of burning lignite, which has a higher degree of calcium oxide than normal coal, led to our being awarded this project.

In recent years, the company has been consecutively awarded and has completed thermal power plant projects from EGAT. With the receipt of this Mae Moh project, the total installed capacity of projects delivered by Marubeni in Thailand over the past 50 years will reach 10,300 MW.


Thai Binh Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant

Project name Thai Binh Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant
Region Thai Binh Province, north of Vietnam
Customer Vietnam Electricity
Contract price Approx. JPY 90 billion
Generation capacity 600 MW (300MW×2)

In December 2013, Marubeni was awarded a full turnkey project for delivering a coal-fired thermal power plant along with a full set of facilities. The company acquired the order through an international competitive bid for a yen credit supply by JICA. As a result of the company’s experience in Vietnam, including the Nghi Son project currently under way, and the company’s competitiveness in pricing and performance, the company was highly evaluated during the bidding process. Similar to the Nghi Son project, breakout procurement will be performed for this project. Civil engineering work, including foundation improvement, has been ordered for a major Japanese civil engineering company, and orders for the steam turbine, generator, and environmental equipment, such as the electrical precipitator and exhaust gas desulfurizer, have been placed with major Japanese manufacturers. In addition, as Vietnamese anthracite, which is difficult to burn, will be used as the fuel, an order has been placed for a highly efficient anthracite boiler with a North American boiler manufacturer that possesses state-of-the-art technology. Because this is a large-scale project that requires advanced project management capabilities and technologies, it is receiving attention as an important project that will contribute to the stable power supply and economic development of northern Vietnam.


NIPP simple cycle thermal power plant in Nigeria

Project name National Integrated Power Project
Region Cross River State, Edo State and Delta State in Nigeria
Customer Niger Delta Power Holding Company
Contract price Approx. JPY 42 billion
Generation capacity Total 1,463 MW

This project involves the construction of 563 MW, 450 MW, and 450 MW power plants in three locations in Nigeria.  Marubeni will carry out the inland transport and installation of the customer-supplied gas turbines, generators and traction transformers, as well as supply the auxiliary equipment, civil engineering and trial operation.  Construction and delivery is already complete at two locations, and the work at the remaining site is scheduled to be completed in FY 2015.


Chana Combined-cycle Power Plant, Wang Noi Combined-cycle Power Plant

Chana Combined-cycle Power Plant
Chana Combined-cycle Power Plant Unit 2    Wang Noi Combined-cycle Power Plant Unit 4
Project name (1)Chana Combined-cycle Power Plant
(2)Chana Combined-cycle Power Plant Unit 2 expansion project
(3)Wang Noi Combined-cycle Power Plant Unit 4 expansion project
Region (1)(2)Songkhla Province in southern Thailand for projects 1 and 2
(3)Wang Noi district in northern Thailand for project 3
Customer Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)
Contract price (1)Approx. JPY 33 billion
(2)Approx. JPY 43.5 billion
(3)Approx. JPY 39.5 billion
Generation capacity (1)732MW

The Chana Combined Cycle Power Plant was the first power plant project to resume after the Asian currency crisis of 1997. This project was very important to Thailand because its goal to relax the tightening electricity demand that followed the economic growth of the country.
The order was received jointly with Siemens (Germany) as a full turnkey project that included equipment supply and civil/installation works. Siemens provided their gas turbine, steam turbine and generator, and Marubeni was responsible for the exhaust heat recovery boiler, auxiliary equipment and civil/installation works.
In addition to Marubeni’s great quantity of delivery experience in Thailand, the price and technological qualities of both companies were highly regarded, which then led to the simultaneous receipt in 2011 of orders for the second phase expansion project of the Chana Combined Cycle Power Plant and Wang Noi Combined Cycle Power Plant Unit 4 expansion project. They are state-of-the-art combined thermal power plants that use eco-friendly Thai natural gas as fuel and collect and utilize the exhaust heat from a high efficiency large gas turbine.


Glow Phase 5 Combined-cycle / Cogen Project

Co-generation Power Plant of Glow Energy
Project name Glow Phase 5 Combined-cycle / Cogen Project
Location Rayong Province, Thailand
Client Glow Energy Public Company Limited
Contract amount 33 billion yen
Total capacity 342 MW
Steam capacity 120 tph
The consortium of Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") and Black & Veatch of USA was awarded a contract for Construction of 380MWe gas-fired Co-generation Power Plant from Glow Energy Public Company Limited("Glow"), who is one of the biggest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Thailand. This is the fifth phase of Glow's power plant construction project in the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate which Marubeni was awarded in series after Marubeni has successfully completed the previous contracts for Phase 3 and Phase 4. Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate is one of the most stringent environmental regulations in Thailand, where we have succeeded in reducing the total emission of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulfur Oxide (SOx) from the plant, while dramatically increasing power and steam production capacity. This achievement was granted certifications for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Health Impact Assessment (HIA) by the Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

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Dongducheon Combined-cycle Power Plant

Dongducheon Combined-cycle Power Plant
Project name Dongducheon Combined-cycle Power Plant
Location Dongducheon, South Korea
Client Samsung C&T Corporation
Contract amount Approx. 35 billion yen
Total capacity 950 MW x 2

This project is one the largest combined-cycle power plants in of South Korea which marks as the first project to install the state-of-the-art gas turbines (Model M501J) developed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) with its proprietary technologies. The scope of the contract includes supplying main equipment such as gas turbine generators (four units), steam turbine generators (two units), and related auxiliary equipment, and Marubeni is mainly in charge of the transportation of the main equipment supplied by MHI. The M501J gas turbine boasts high efficiency and contributes to reducing the environmental load. The J-Series gas turbines in a combined-cycle power plant can help reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 50% compared with conventional coal-fired power plants. (Photo: Architectural rendering of the plant.)

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Dang Jin Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant Project

The Project for Construction of Diesel Power Station in Samawah
Project name Project for the Construction of Unit 9 and Unit 10 of the Dang Jin Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant
Location Dang Jin, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Client Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd.
Contract amount Approx. 18 billion yen
Total capacity 2,000 MW (1,000 MW x 2)

Marubeni jointly awarded the project with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd (MHI) including installation the first million-kilowatt-class turbine generators for ultra-supercritical-pressure coal-fired power plant which is the largest power plant in South Korea. MHI will manufacture and deliver the main equipment, such as steam turbines and generators and Marubeni will provide transportation services for all the equipment and auxiliary equipment related to the main equipment.

Ultra-supercritical-pressure coal-fired power plant can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, compared with conventional subcritical-pressure coal-fired power generation, which emits large amounts of CO2, nitrogen oxide (NOx), and sulfur oxide (SOx), and therefore can contribute to reducing the environmental load in South Korea.
(Photo: Architectural rendering of the plant.)

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Hai Phong Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant

Phu My 4 Combined Cycle Power Plant
Project name Hai Phong (2x300MW) Thermal Power Plant Project
Location Hai Phong in northern Vietnam
Client Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company
Contract amount Approx. 50 billion yen
Total capacity 300 MW x 2

Marubeni and Dongfang Electric Corporation, one of the biggest heavy electric equipment manufacturers in China, have been jointly awarded the contract for the construction of the Hai Phong coal-fired thermal power plant by Hai Phong Thermal Power Joint Stock Company, which is invested in by Vietnam Electricity (EVN). The scope of work of this contract includes engineering, civil works, the supply of the equipment and its installation works on a full turnkey basis.

This project mark the first time that Japanese company and Chinese manufacture has been awarded jointly the contract to construct a large-scale power plant in a third country. Marubeni supplied Steam Turbine and Generator and Dongfang supplied the boilers and the balance of the plant, along with civil and erection work for overall plant.

Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) is providing the buyer's credits loan for Marubeni's scope of work and Export-Import Bank of China (China EXIM Bank) is providing buyer's credits loan for Dongfang Scope of Work.

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Nghi Son (1) Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant

Hai Phong 1 & 2 Thermal Power Plant Project
Project name Nghi Son (1) Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant in Vietnam
Location Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam
Client Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN)
Contract amount Approx. 90 billion yen
Total capacity 600 MW (300 MW x 2)

This is one of the important projects in the long-term power development plan established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam and Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN), in order to meet the increasing electricity demand in the country, responding to the rapid economic growth in recent years. The contract amount is the largest ever for an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) power project, which Marubeni won as a single entity.

This is the 10th power plant project that Marubeni delivered to Vietnam, and the power generation capacity that the company provided reaches about 20% share of the total installed capacity in the country. By taking advantage of its in-house engineering capabilities, which have been proven by an extensive experiences, and through the multi-procurement that the company excels at, Marubeni can deliver optimized equipment and systems both in terms of price and performance. In addition, the plant employs higher thermal efficiency anthracite coal-fired boilers and is designed for environmentally friendly such as the application of Flue Gas Desulphurization system (FGD), etc.

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The Emergency Purchase Project of Gas Turbine Generators for Post-earthquake Restoration Efforts

Acquisition of PIC (U.S.)
Project name The Emergency Purchase Project of Gas Turbine Generators for Post-earthquake Restoration Efforts
Location Higashi Niigata Thermal Power Station in Seiro-machi, Kitakambara-gun, Niigata, Japan
Client Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

This project was an emergency purchase to back up the power supply for the restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

We performed the contract for two units of mobile gas turbine power generator (unit output capacity: 25 MW/@ unit class) that were to be installed at the site of Higashi Niigata Thermal Power Station on turnkey contract (that covers engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, and temporary O&M) basis.

We made full use of the advantage of Marubeni's capabilities as a leading trading company and accomplished exceptional urgent delivery and installation with the emergency measures. Actually, we made a special arrangement to deliver 2 units of the gas turbine from GE in U.S.A. and Hungary by aircraft, instead of normal ocean shipment. And, we successfully completed the installation and contract in the unusually short period of three months from order placement and one month from the delivery of the units at the site.

The units were not only contributed to post-earthquake restoration but also they are now still being utilized as back up emergency power supply for the peak power demand.

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    *Full turnkey contract:
    A method of contracting everything from installation, civil work, assembly, start-up supervisor, and warranty responsibilities; this indicates the conducting of all work until the facility is ready to run, up to the "turn of the key."

    *Ultra-supercritical-pressure coal-fired thermal power generation:
    A steam power generation method in which the boiler equipment operates at least at a steam temperature of 593 °C and at a steam pressure of 24.1 MPa
    This method improves the power generation efficiency by generating steam at ultra-high temperature and pressure to drive steam turbine generators that are designed for these conditions. This leads to reducing the amount of CO2 emissions during power generation and thus helps lower the environmental load.

    *EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction):
    A form of contracting arrangement that covers everything from the design of the plant, delivery of equipment, procurement of spare parts and materials, and the construction and installation of the plant itself.

    A method to procure power plant equipment dividing into components and systems from different manufacturers; this enables each manufacturer to concentrate to its own product and to provide it at a more competitive price. As a result, the overall price of the plant comes to be competitive.
    Because of the complexity of risk control including interface coordination, it requires more sophisticated project management and implementation capabilities.