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Core Business

(1)Constructing Power Plants, Substations and Transmission Lines

Thermal power generation (steam power generation)
Thermal power generation (steam power generation) Fires fossil fuel (coal, crude oil, heavy oil, natural gas, etc.) in a boiler to produce steam, and generates power using steam turbines and generators

Gas turbine power generation
Gas turbine power generationPressurizes, heats and combusts air/fuel, and uses its emissions to directly turn the turbine and generate power

Combined-cycle gas turbine power generation
Combined-cycle gas turbine power generation Sends emissions from gas turbine generation to a boiler to produce steam and regenerate power through a steam turbine and generator

Co-generationA system that reuses heat or steam produced during generation, offering excellent energy efficiency and a significant positive impact on cost and energy conservation

Hydraulic power generation
Hydraulic power generation Uses water drop or the capacity of natural rivers, waterfalls or lakes to generate power

Renewable energy
Renewable energyPower generation: Uses sunlight, wind, small/medium hydraulic power, geothermal energy, waste, biomass, oceanic energy (tides, waves) to generate power
Heat use: Uses solar and biomass heat

Diesel power generation
Diesel power generation Turns a generator with an engine that uses light or heavy oil to generate power

OthersGas turbine recycling business, including resale of used gas turbine rotors and spare parts
Delivery of power plant maintenance materials, including fuel additives for power generation boilers