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Environmental Initiatives

Marubeni Group's efforts toward ISO certification

In April 1989, Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") established a Team to Resolve Global Environment Issues. Marubeni has since promoted environmentally friendly business practices.

In August 1995, Marubeni set a policy for obtaining ISO14001 certification. In September 1998, the Marubeni Machinery Department and Chemicals Department led other departments in acquiring an environmental ISO. In August 1998, the environmental management system (EMS) that the two departments established helped expand certification to the Tokyo and Osaka Headquarters.

In April 2004, Marubeni adopted the Marubeni EMS uniformly for the entire group, including its headquarters, offices, branches, overseas offices and businesses, and acquired ISO14001 for its integrated certification method that covers the entire world under one certification.

The Marubeni Group adopted the Marubeni Group EMS as of April 2008.

Acquiring ISO14001 certification and strengthening EMS

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Marubeni Power Systems acquired ISO14001 certification in September 1999, complying with the Marubeni Group’s environmental policies. We will draft a plan to voluntarily improve the EMS, and continue with our environment-related activities.