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Marubeni Power Systems Corporation
aims to be a vital company
coexisting with society and the environment, 
so as to be a good corporate citizen
and to sustain our growth.

What we can do for the environment

In this age of concern about global warming, our company pursues environmentally friendly and clean energy, and is actively involved in new realms such as combustion-efficient, combined-cycle power plant, geothermal and wind generation using natural energy, and cogeneration that reuses power plant heat. We are also working to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx), which cause air pollution, not only by constructing new power plants but also by changing existing plant facilities, we had previously delivered, into environmentally friendly ones.
We continue to keep in mind ecological execusion of our projects.

Working for human rights

We have made human rights the most fundamental issue that the company and its employees should value, and established an overseeing compliance committee. We are enhancing and disseminating this compliance system throughout the company, and also we are striving for fair and appropriate corporate activities.

We have also enacted a Compliance Manual that stipulates rules that need to be observed in promoting transparent and sound management. We distribute this Compliance Manual to all employees and offer mandatory e-learning classes to heighten human rights awareness within each and every employee.