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Marubeni Awarded a Contract for Construction of Combined Cycle Power Plant in Bangladesh with Bangladesh Governmental Power Generation Company

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”), in partnership with Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. in Korea, has been awarded a contract for construction of the Bibiyana Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant (*) at the total net capacity of approximately 400MW from Bangladesh Power Development Board (“BPDB”) and signed the Contract Agreement on December 26, 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Marubeni has a track record of executing the Rehabilitation Project of Unit 2 & 3 at Haripur 100MW Gas Turbine Power Plant and the Rehabilitation Project of Unit 4 & 5 at Karnafuri Hydro Power Plant. In addition, Marubeni is now executing the New Haripur Power Plant Development Project (410MW) which was awarded in February 2011 by the Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh Ltd.

Marubeni believes that its capability of project management and both technical and price competitiveness, which are corroborated with the extensive experience in the field of power projects in Bangladesh, are highly appreciated not only by BPDB, but also by the power sector in Bangladesh and it led to the successful award of this contract.

The scope of the contract includes the engineering, procurement, equipment delivery and the construction/installation works on full turn-key basis. The Gas Turbine & Generator are to be procured from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (Generator is to be manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) while the Steam Turbine & Generator are to be procured from Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

The plant is expected to be taken over by BPDB in 2015. Upon completion, this plant will be equivalent to the largest combined cycle power plant (*) in Bangladesh which is being constructed by Marubeni under the New Haripur Power Development Project.

In Bangladesh, with the chronic gap in demand and supply of power and the recent economic growth, many new power plant development projects are floated. Marubeni is committed to investing every possible effort for the successful completion of this project and further expanding the future businesses in the power sector in Bangladesh.

Summary of Bangladesh Power Development Board
Location : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Established : May, 1972
Responsible for : Generation and Distribution of Electricity

(*) Combined Cycle Power Plant High-efficiency power generation technology to Steam Turbine with the steam made by the Heat Recovery Steam Generator to utilize the exhaust hot gas after operation of the Gas Turbine.

Marubeni and MHI Receive Order for Rehabilitation of GTCC Power Station from State-owned Electric Utility in India

Tokyo, December 12, 2012 – Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) have jointly signed a Contract for rehabilitation work on a gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation* station in Auraiya, in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, from NTPC Limited, the country’s largest state-owned power company. The power plant to be rehabilitated has an installed capacity of 663.36 MW (megawatts).

The turnkey contract was signed on December 12. It calls for revamping of gas turbines and renewal of control equipment and also includes equipment supply and installation work. MHI will supply the major equipment. The project is slated for completion in April 2015.

The Auraiya GTCC power station has been operating since 1990 with outstanding operational availability, making a strong contribution to stable power supply. The rehabilitation work is expected to boost the power station’s installed capacity by 55 MW and extend its service life by more than 10 years, thereby contributing further to power supply stabilization and enhancing India’s national infrastructure.

Earlier, Marubeni and MHI received an order from India for a 347 MW GTCC power station for PPN Power Generating Company Private Ltd., an independent power supplier. Delivery was completed in 2001, with MHI supplying the major equipment and Marubeni handling installation work. Marubeni and MHI believe their team’s highly acclaimed plant delivery track record and the technological reliability demonstrated by the PPN project contributed to the winning of the latest order.

Today India suffers from a chronic power supply/demand gap due to increasing electricity demand in line with the country’s economic growth. In response, many similar projects are planned to rehabilitate existing power stations or construct new power stations.

Gaining momentum from the latest order, Marubeni and MHI look to expand business in India further as their way of contributing to the alleviation of the country’s power shortages, improvement of its infrastructure and, ultimately, its future economic growth.

* GTCC power generation uses gas and steam turbines in combination to generate electricity in two stages, utilizing high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine to produce steam to drive the steam turbine.

Profile of NTPC Limited

Head office: NTPC Bhawan, SCOPE Complex 7, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi 110 003, India
Establishment: November 1975
Stockholders: Government of India 84.5%, Life Insurance Corporation of India 5.91%, others 9.59%
Business scope: Electric power generation, distribution and wholesaling

Marubeni awarded Gas Turbine Overhaul for existing Combined Cycle Power Plant in Myanmar

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) has been awarded a Gas Turbine Overhaul for Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant in Myanmar from Myanma Electric Power Enterprise (“MEPE”). The parts associated with this overhaul will be supplied by Hitachi, Limited. (“Hitachi”).

Marubeni has drawn its attention on the potentiality of development of the Myanma market, and has contributed to the further development of the economy by establishing infrastructure such as power plants. Marubeni also opened a liaison office in Naypyitaw in January 2012, in addition to the branch office in Yangon, with the aim of close follow-up of business in Myanmar.

Marubeni’s supply record of power plants in Myanmar includes the Baluchang Hydro Power Plant and the Ywama/Tharkayta/Ahlone/Hlawga Combined Power Plants located adjacent to the Yangon area, which mostly cover its power demands. Marubeni’s competitiveness and highly-reputable presence supported by their supply record of power plants for more than fifty years in this market, together with the superior technologies of Hitachi, led to this award.

Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant was built by Marubeni in 2005, and the overhaul work utilizing the spare parts to be supplied under this project will result in an improvement of reliability of electricity supply as well as recovery of electricity loss by approximately 34,000 kW, while contributing a stable supply of electricity to the people of Myanmar and enhancing the country’s infrastructure. Moreover, this project is the first power project in Myanmar since civilian rule was newly established in March, 2011.

In Myanmar, a rehabilitation program of existing Combined Cycle Power Plants as well as the construction of new power plants has been proposed. Marubeni, with its strong presence in this market, intends to actively pursue further opportunities in various power plant projects.

Project Name : Gas Turbine Overhaul for Ywama Combined Cycle Power Plant
Client : Myanma Electric Power Enterprise (“MEPE”)
Fund : Self-funded by MEPE
Scope : Supply of parts necessary for Gas Turbine overhaul work
Location : Ywama district (approx. 20 km north-west of Yangon)
Manufacturer : Hitachi, Limited. (Japan)

Foundation : In 2006 (established under Ministry of Electric Power No. (2))
Representative : Mr. Kin Maung Soe, Managing Director
Generation Capacity : Approx. 706 MW (approx. 11% of the total generation capacity in Myanmar)
Business : Construction/Possession/Operation of Gas-Fired power plants and transmission lines