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Privacy Policy

November 11, 2005
Marubeni Power Systems Corporation

Our company recognizes that it is our essential responsibility to manage and protect private information in the operation of our business and services. To fulfill this responsibility, we will conduct ourselves in accordance with the following Policy on Protecting Private Information.

  1. Our commitment to comply with the law
    We understand that appropriate management of private information is part of our legal compliance efforts. We will comply with laws and the range of governmental agency guidelines concerning the protection of private information while enacting in-house rules on the handling of such information, and disseminate these rules among all our employees and executives.
  2. Our management system
    We will assign a Supervisor of Private Information Management to enforce and conduct private information management, and under this position will assign a Manager of Private Information for each department, creating a suitable system of management.
  3. Receiving private information
    When we acquire private information, we will specify its purpose and disclose this to the party identified within that information.
  4. Using private information
    Our company will use private information we acquire only for the purpose disclosed in advance.
  5. Disclosing private information to a third party
    We will neither provide nor disclose private information to a third party without prior consent of the party identified within the information, unless requested to do so by law. We may provide the information to a third party through an opt-out method.
  6. Management of private information
    We will enforce safety measures and strive in our management activities to prevent unauthorized access to private information we acquire, and to prevent loss, tampering, leakage or destruction of the information.
  7. Disclosing, correcting/adding/deleting, and terminating use of private information
    When a party identified within the private information in our possession requests disclosure, correction/addition/deletion, or termination of use of the information, we will take appropriate action upon confirming that the requesting party is the one identified in the information.

    We will review this policy as necessary and strive to further improve our actions for protecting private information.