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Marubeni Signed the Contract for GLOW SPP Phase IV Stage 2

Marubeni Corporation (Ohtemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) got an order for 37MW Co-generation Power Plant from GLOW SPP PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (GLOW), who is one of the biggest independent power producer in Bangkok, Thailand. The Contract Price is about JPY 3 billion, and the period of construction will be 18 months. Electricity and steam will be mainly provided to factories in industrial estate.

Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand , where the plant will be constructed, is located in eastern seaboard industrial area,and is the place most heavy industries are located in Thailand. Following the recovery of economics, expansion of facilities is rapidly proceeding in the industrial estate, and demand of electricity is growing accordingly.

The order Marubeni got is a part of the GLOW's 4th phase expansion of power plants, and this order (Phase IV Stage 2)is a succession of order following the order of the plant of same configuration (Phase IV Stage 1) from GLOW, that Marubeni got in August 2003.

4th Phase expansion of GLOW might be further expanded up to 240MW in total, and Marubeni aims to get an order of the further expansion contract from GLOW.

Marubeni, in line with the movement toward the privatization of electricity supply industry, aims at getting orders of power plant from IPP as well as from Electricity Generation Authority of Tailand (EGAT). The total order Marubeni has got from GLOW, continuing from Phase III, reached 600MW, JPY 50 billion.

Thailand has completely recovered from the decreasing demand of electricity arising from economic crisis happened in 1997, and the construction of new power plants with the capacity of 1500MW - 2000MW per year is now foreseen.