Business Domains

Delivered 112,444MW worth of power plants to 56 countries in 30-plus years

Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation was established with a 100% investment from Marubeni Corporation in order to deal with power project businesses as a strategic business partner of Marubeni Corporation ‘s Overseas Power Project Department.

Since our foundation in 1985, we have developed along with Marubeni Corporation and MC-Power Projects Group and installed 112,444 MW worth of power plants in 56 countries.

Based on Marubeni Corporation’s high reputation, credit, good relationships with overseas clients and more than 50 year history in the EPC* business, we take orders for and carry out overseas power plant projects. Our unique characteristics and strengths comes from our ability to gather information though our worldwide network, conduct local sales activity to develop projects and our ability to utilize our own technical staff to control the project.

We will further develop our competitiveness as a unique trading firm with in-house engineering and project management capabilities. We will establish and expand the value chain in the power plant business and expand the power of the EPC business.

* EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction)

Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation