Message from the President

Supporting people’s lives with a stable power supply and contributing to global development

代表取締役 室家 健

Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation (hereinafter referred as “MPSC”) was established in 1985. Since then, together with Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter referred as MC), we have grown into a leading firm specializing in overseas power plant projects that include everything from order receipt to the Engineering, Procurement of equipment, Construction, Commissioning and Delivery. Electricity is the most important form of infrastructure that supports modern culture and industrial activities, and every government in the world focuses on a stable power supply as a primary policy goal.

As of March 2022, MC’s Power Business Division owns power plants over 21 countries with a total gross output(*1) of 38,745MW/net output(*2) of 12,022MW. Its accumulated EPC(*3) experiences and delivery record reached 112,444MW in 56 countries in total, which is one of the greatest records in the field. MPSC collectively carries out entire overseas EPC projects in the name of MC.

Also, MPSC changed its name from Marubeni Power Systems Corporation to the current one and expanded its business to Transport Infrastructure field so that it helped us aggregate know-how and knowledge of overseas EPC projects accumulated in Marubeni Group. Furthermore, with increased attention to decarbonization, we are also aiming to strengthen “green business” such as offshore wind power plant and environment-friendly railway project following Green Strategy developed in Marubeni’s Mid-Term Management Strategy GC2024.

It takes a long time to complete a power plant project from the commencement of business negotiations to delivery. A variety of parties are involved in each project, such as equipment manufacturers, engineering companies, construction companies and logistics companies, and large-scale infrastructure projects require financing in many cases. Overseas projects involve various risks including epidemic, riots, and war which are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Therefore, the comprehensive ability is required to deliver a complete power plant to the customer; in other words, project management capabilities that take control of a project and use advanced commercial and technical knowledge based on the extensive experience.

We continue to contribute to the prosperous future and global development by further improving our project management capabilities and continuing to respond to the expectations and trust of our customers around the world as an expert on overseas power projects.

Hiroki Goto, President, Director

(*1) Gross: Total installed capacities.
(*2) Net: Total installed capacities at the rate of MC’s share.
(*3) EPC: Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation