Global Environment & Climate Change

1.What we can do for the environment

In this age of concern about global warming, our company pursues environmentally friendly and clean energy, and is actively involved in new realms such as combustion-efficient, combined-cycle power plant, geothermal and wind generation using natural energy, and cogeneration that reuses power plant heat. We are also working to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur oxide (SOx), which cause air pollution, not only by constructing new power plants but also by changing existing plant facilities, we had previously delivered, into environmentally friendly ones.
We continue to keep in mind ecological execution of our projects.

2.Environmental Initiatives

Marubeni Group’s efforts toward ISO certification
In April 1989, Marubeni Corporation ("Marubeni") established a Team to Resolve Global Environment Issues. Marubeni has since promoted environmentally friendly business practices.
In August 1995, Marubeni set a policy for obtaining ISO14001 certification. In September 1998, the Marubeni Machinery Department and Chemicals Department led other departments in acquiring an environmental ISO. In August 1998, the environmental management system (EMS) that the two departments established helped expand certification to the Tokyo and Osaka Headquarters.
In April 2004, Marubeni adopted the Marubeni EMS uniformly for the entire group, including its headquarters, offices, branches, overseas offices and businesses, and acquired ISO14001 for its integrated certification method that covers the entire world under one certification.
The Marubeni Group adopted the Marubeni Group EMS as of April 2008.

Acquiring ISO14001 certification and strengthening EMS

Our Company acquired ISO14001 certification in September 1999, complying with the Marubeni Group’s environmental policies. We will draft a plan to voluntarily improve the EMS, and continue with our environment-related activities.


3.Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation’s Environmental Principles

In accordance with the Marubeni Group Environment Policy, Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation, as a member of the Marubeni Group companies, established Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Environmental Principles as follows:

Basic Principle
In full awareness of its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen, the Marubeni Group will make every effort to simultaneously pursue both a prosperous society and environmental conservation, while aiming to achieve the sustainable development of society.

Basic Policy
As a global corporate entity that engages in diverse business activities across a broad range of sectors, the Marubeni Group will apply the Environmental Management System to all the activities, services and products of the Marubeni Group, and observe the following principles it has established for environmental conservation.

1.All business activities will be conducted in consideration of their possible impact on the environment. To this end, appropriate efforts will be made in cooperation with stakeholders to preserve the environment and reduce potential environmental impacts, including efficient use of resources, prevention of pollution and taking appropriate steps to address climate change and protect biodiversity, focusing on the four themes below:

(1) Compliance with international and local applicable environmental guidelines, laws and regulations, and agreed requirements;

(2) Taking measures as necessary to reduce environmental impacts and prevent pollution, particularly in launching new projects and altering existing projects;

(3) Facilitating resource and energy conservation*1, waste reduction, green procurement, and increases in operational efficiency;*

(4) Promoting business projects, offering products and services, technical development and building social systems that help protect and improve the environment.

2.In keeping with this Environmental Policy, the Marubeni Group’s Environmental Management System will be regularly reviewed to improve our environmental performance, fully conscious of the importance to comply with its requirements.

3.This Environmental Policy will be shared with all Marubeni Group officers and employees, employees of the Group’s business partners, and the public.

April 1, 2022
Hiroki Goto
President, Director
Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation
Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation