Marubeni Awarded Combined-Cycle Power Plant Project in Taiwan


Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”), in a consortium with General Electric Company, USA and General Electric International Inc, USA (hereinafter, “GE Group”), has been awarded

the DaTan Combined Cycle Power Plant Expansion Project for Units 8&9 from Taiwan Power Company (hereinafter, “TPC”). This power plant will have the capacity to produce over 2,000 MW of electricity, having an EPC contract value of approximately 130 billion Japanese Yen.

The project construction site is located in Taoyuan City in the northwest of Taiwan. This new power plant, Unit 8&9, will be constructed as expansions to the existing thermal power plants.

This is a full turn-key project and the scope of the Marubeni and GE group consortium for this project includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. Primary equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, generators and heat recovery steam generators will be provided by the GE Group, while Marubeni will provide the balance of plant equipment,

civil engineering & construction, and installation work.

In recent years, the Marubeni and GE Group consortium has been jointly awarded large-scaled thermal power plant projects in Thailand and Indonesia; their extensive experience and reliable performance of the technology in these past projects contributed to winning the award for this project.

Marubeni’s total involvement for power plant construction in the world has reached over 110,000MW. In Taiwan, Marubeni owns 1,560MW (share basis) of power plants as an IPP(*) developer, with this project being Marubeni’s first combined cycle power plant in the country. Taiwan plans to develop several power plants in order to meet its pressing power demands. Marubeni is committed to contributing to the supply of stable power in Taiwan as both an EPC contractor and an IPP developer.

In September of 2018, Marubeni issued the Notification Regarding Business Policies Pertaining to Sustainability in Relation to Coal-Fired Power Generation Business and Renewable Energy Generation Business. As part of Marubeni’s promotion of sustainable management, Marubeni will contribute to climate change measures through this project by establishing power plants with high efficiency and reduced burden on the environment.

(*)IPP: Independent Power Producer

Foundation : 1946

Representative : Mr. Wei-Fuu Yang

Generation Capacity : 41,883MW (including IPP of 10,383MW)

Sales Value (in 2017) : 567 billion Taiwan dollars (approximately 2,070 billion Japanese yen)

Business : Construction/ownership/operation of power, plant and equipment for transmission

and transforming, and sales of electric power

Project Name : DaTan Combined Cycle Power Plant Expansion Project Combined Cycle Power Generating Equipment with Power Block Buildings & Facilities for Unit 8&9

Fund : TPC’s own finance

Type of Power Plant : Gas-fired combined cycle power plant (approximately over 2,000MW)

(Gas turbine × 2 + heat recovery steam generator × 2 + steam turbine × 1) × 2 trains

Contract Price : Approximately 130 billion Japanese yen

Construction Site : Taoyuan city, Taiwan


Marubeni Power & Infrastructure Systems Corporation